Dan Reeves

Dan is the only Manitoba airshow pilot certified by ICAS (International Council of Air Shows).

He holds an airline Transport Pilot License and has accumulated over 12,000+ accident free hours gained over 45 years of commercial flying.

Dan owns Winnipeg Aviation, a flight school located on the outskirts of Winnipeg, MB. Where he is the Chief Flight Instructor and class 1 Aerobatic Instructor.

Dan is available for airshows throughout Canada and the USA as he holds a US immigration performer work permit.  Flying the Super Decathlon, an aerobatic training aircraft, he demonstrates its capabilities and some of the manoeuvers he teaches to aspiring aerobatic students.

As part of his community sharing philosophy, Dan will donate 10% of his performance fees to the airshow producer’s local charity or community group.  A graceful flight routine set to ethereal music which evokes the freedom and joy of flight.

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