CF-18 Jet Demo Team

The Royal Canadian Air Force is pleased to announce the appointment of Captain Dan Deluce as the pilot for the 2021 CF-18 Demonstration. Team. Captain Deluce will wow audiences across Canada during the 2021 air show season. Captain Deluce was originally selected to fly with the CF-18 Demonstration Team in 2020 before the season was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19.  Every year, the Royal Canadian Air Force selects a special group of people to make up the CF-18 Demonstration Team. The CF-18 Demonstration Team is a truly national team; its members all come from RCAF units across the country, and all are selected for their superior performance, dedication to excellence, and the desire to represent Canada’s operational air force. 

The CF-188 Hornet, commonly called the CF-18, is a multi-role fighter aircraft. It is used for air defence, air superiority, ground attack, tactical support, training, aerobatic demonstration, and aerospace testing and evaluation.  The Hornet is a fast, light and manoeuvrable aircraft. Because of its power, speed and target-tracking capabilities, it has had great success in many military operations in Canada and around the world.

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Captain (Capt.) Jesse Haggart-Smith as the pilot for the 2022 CF-18 Demonstration Team.


Capt. Haggart-Smith will wow audiences around Canada during the 2022 air show season, flying his specially-painted CF-18 Hornet commemorating RCAF fighter aircraft operations at home and abroad.


Born in Maple Ridge, B.C., Capt. Jesse Haggart-Smith has logged nearly 1,000 hours in military jet aircraft including 600 hours in the CF-18. He has served on NORAD missions and deployed to Romania with Operation REASSURANCE as part of Canada’s contribution to NATO’s enhanced Air Policing mission.


From a young age Capt. Haggart-Smith was interested in becoming a pilot with the RCAF. When he was 12 years old he joined 583 Coronation Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, where he would earn his glider pilots’ licence before enrolling in the Royal Military College of Canada at the age of 16.


In 2011, Capt. Haggart-Smith was accepted into the RCAF, and was given the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a fighter pilot and flying the CF-18 Hornet. Receiving his RCAF pilot’s wings in 2016, Capt. Haggart-Smith attained his goal, completing his initial fighter qualification training at 410 Tactical Fighter (Operational Training) Squadron at 4 Wing, Cold Lake, Alberta in 2018.


Capt. Haggart-Smith is presently the Unit Flight Safety Officer and a two-ship lead at 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron at 4 Wing in Cold Lake, Alberta.


“It is an incredible honour to be selected to represent the Royal Canadian Air Force as the CF-18 Demonstration Team pilot for the 2022 season. I am looking forward to being a part of this highly dedicated team of professionals, sharing my passion for aviation with everyone as we travel across Canada this summer. I hope our team will inspire Canadians, motivating them to reach for their dreams, as I did when I decided to become a fighter pilot, while at the same time demonstrating the capabilities of RCAF fighter aircraft.” Captain Jesse Haggart-Smith, CF-18 Demonstration Team Pilot #CF18Demo


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